My Fake Wall

I had so much fun playing with My Fake Wall. You can create a fake Facebook-style website here with a fictitious or historical character. You input pictures and basic "profile" information for your character, provide "friends" with pictures, and engage in dialogue through posts with friends and status updates.

This site would be a really fun and interesting way to show research about biographical information about historic figures. Students can search for pictures of the figures and information about their friends, relationships, and lives. They can use this information creatively in wall posts.

I created one about Edgar Allan Poe and used screen capture to show it here:

The URL for this Fake Wall is http://www.myfakewall.com/w/Edgar+Allan+Poe_38 if you want to see what the students will create.

The only problem I had with using this site is that it was sometimes really slow and would kick me out. You do have to play around a bit with the format for posting and adding comments to get the effect you want, but you can go back to edit posts, so don't be afraid to try it. Also, you can move posts (you don't have to delete and redo them all!) in the event that one post should have been earlier than another, which is great.

Other than that, I had a great time doing this and can imagine students really enjoying a new way to show research about prominent people.

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